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03 October 2011 @ 08:18 pm
Apple or Android, which flavor do _you_ drink, and why?

My poor little beloved iPhone's last days are coming, I fear.  Even now, little artifacts are slowly climbing the screen; months ago there were only a few failing pixels, now there are rows of them.  They make the scroll indicator all but invisible during landscape use of Safari.  Worse, the touchscreen's sensitivity is becoming increasingly interesting.  At times, it insists I mean "Q" when I aim for "W", "E", "A", "S", "D", "Z", or "X".  It has good moments more than bad, but it does make typing interesting from time to time.

It's had a good run, though; especially considering that I've had it since late 2007 or early 2008.

So, now that I'm in the market for a replacement, I've been researching my options and their not inconsiderable costs.  Fortunately, AT&T assures me that I'll have an identical or comparable plan at the same monthly price, wether I stick with iPhone or move to an Android phone.  Also fortunately, AT&T offers some deep discounts if I do upgrade, which makes it FAR preferable to stick with AT&T instead of switching carriers.

So, the only big question is, which way do I go?  Do I take the red pill, or the blue?  I won't decide until at least tomorrow, to see what the iPhone 5 is going to look like.  But considering Samsung's Galaxy S II, it's got some heavy, heavy competition.

There are pluses and minuses to both platforms, I know.  I like the pluses equally, and I hate the minuses equally - so that's basically a wash, right now.

The Really Big Issue is that I'm not going to upgrade again any time soon.  Whatever phone I get has to remain functional and not-quite-obsolete for at least another three or four years, maybe more.

The factors that are most important to me, almost but not quite certainly in order, are:

-Battery life - this one's mega-important, because, well, I know me.  It HAS to go a full day or more one one charge.  As my iPhone has aged, it's had a harder and harder time holding a charge, so I've just peppered my life with chargers - one at work, two at home, one in the car, an extra for the car, and an extra for home.  Thus, as one or more go missing or get commandeered by others with greater need and lesser morals, I'm still powered.  I can do this for the new phone too, but I'd rather have just one at home and one in the car.  On the plus side for Apple, iPhone 5 will almost definitely use the same ol' iPhone charger, of which I have plenty.

-Mad Non-Obsoletion Combat Skillz - that is, it must really be the top of the class *right now* so that later, when it's the bottom of the barrel, it'll still be functionally not obsolete.  Or, as not obsolete as will be possible.  Important factors here will include a wailing processor speed, enormous RAM, absurdly large storage, 4G, 3G, F2G (oops, not that, that's fish), wi-fi whatever, and must make coffee.  What? No coffee?  Sigh.  Okay, no coffee.  Non-Obsoletion Combat Skillz is as or nearly as important as battery life.  Maybe more important.  It's tough to decide.

-Durability.  My poor iPhone has been dropped, kicked, drop-kicked, and once even slipped from my pocket into a container of dirty fish water while on.  Ideally, my new phone will be able to endure similar abuse (but hopefully will never have to).  Nothing - nothing - is comparable to the original iPhone in durability, but there are some pretty rad cases out there that offer some fair amount of protection, so I think my options will still be good.

-Screen size, resolution, and overall sexiness.  I'm going to require something like 4.0" to 4.3", here.  I think I won't go less than 4.0"; on the big side, I might be willing to consider 4.5", but that seems a little big for sticking in a pocket.  More on that later....

So!  To introduce the main contenders....

Apple's iPhone 5 is still a huge unknown.  Tomorrow will be the Deciding Day for me in phoneland; iPhone 4 can't compete with the current rank of Android phones.  Hopefully iPhone 5 will impress the hell out of me and I won't have to waffle anymore.  But the competition is stiff.

Samsung's Galaxy S II is the main contender, I think.  It has a holy crap fast dual core processor, a gig of RAM, and oodles of space behind its super-sexy Super AMOLED Plus screen which, though lower res than iPhone 4's retina, looks as good or better.  At 4.3", this is right at perfect.  As battery life goes, it's impressive, but not stop-the-press impressive.  I think it would suit my needs.  And if not, a replacement battery of more than twice the capacity can be had after-market, with a replacement back panel that makes the phone less slim but still not bulky, but could eliminate the ability to protect with a case.  The chassis is crap, though.  It's a flimsy feeling plasticky shell.  It needs a good case.  So, unless after-market cases are available for the bulkier after-market battery modded phone, I'll be stuck with the battery it ships with, which, again, seems to be suitable.  I hope.

Due to battery life, Samsung's Infuse is also a contender.  Though it can run circles around iPhone 4, the Galaxy can run circles around this.  But the battery life is, in practice and not theory, downright impressive according to every review I've read.  If battery life is more important than not becoming obsolete in a fortnight, then I will still seriously consider this one.  It's got a single core processor, but is still top of the class for single core processor phones and holds its own with the dual core guys, to a point.  But the Galaxy really kicks its ass.  Also, it has a 4.5" screen which, while pretty, is just HUGE.  It fits in my pocket, surprisingly, but....  It's just sooooo biiiiig.  But the battery life is seriously compelling....

I had considered HDC's Inspire, but because of the way the camera lens protrudes and because it simply can't stand up to the Galaxy's Fucking Awesomeness, it's been eliminated from the runnings.  It's somewhere in the same class as the Infuse, but really just doesn't compare in the battery life arena.  It's got less time on one charge than the Galaxy for sure, so....  Not even going to consider it.

iPhone 5 is going to have to be better than the Galaxy for me to consider it.  It will need to have a comparably sized screen and good battery life, be well constructed, and be a fast, 4G phone.  We'll know tomorrow, and then the real deliberation may begin - or I'll pick a Samsung and be done with it.

I am still open to being swayed, and would love to hear positive and negative arguments for Android....
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22 July 2011 @ 12:19 am
I have *finally* matted & framed the portrait I painted of Friend. It was my first time cutting a mat, with the exception of practice scraps, most of which failed. If I may say so, the mat actually turned out looking just this side of professionally done. I'm pleased.
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20 May 2011 @ 04:42 pm

Ready for the rapture tomorrow? No? Then perhaps you'll enjoy my offensive little song.

Do Not Read if you are happily Christian.Collapse )

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28 March 2011 @ 11:17 pm

.... And now I am backstage at the Crosby & Nash concert!


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28 March 2011 @ 10:39 pm

I am at the Crosby & Nash concert, and Hoh-Lee-CARP, have they still got it.

More later....

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15 January 2011 @ 11:25 am
I have a friend who wants a cat! We have a tentative date for him to meet CattyWhompus, and, if all goes well, a tentative date to move her to his place.

This is especially awesome because she seems to like all men that she's met, and I think would do better with a guy than with me. I imagine that Que will be happy to have the place back to herself, and maybe in the not-too-distant future, a cat-friendly cat or kitten. Poor Que wanted SO MUCH to make friends with the Whomps, and then got chased, growled/hissed at, etc. The Whomps neeeeeeeeds to be in a one-cat household. I think she will be perfect for the interested friend.
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11 January 2011 @ 04:02 am
Ye gods. I'm tired.

Tattoo design is finished. I hope it is what is desired by the recipient. Even more, though, I hope the recipient will understand that my feelings will not be hurt if he chooses not to use my design. I hope, if it's not what he wants, that the artist he selects will be able to come up with something perfect :)

I would post a picture of it here, but I want the recipient to see it in person first, rather than a shitty photograph of it.

So, for now, good night.
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11 January 2011 @ 01:43 am
It's been a real challenge, re-learning how to draw simple line drawings. I am reminded of the saxophone I drew in 6th grade, because a kid I had a crush on played sax. It was a simple line drawing, but it was pretty exquisite. Now, I'm nearly shamed to admit that the skill I had is quite gone. What once would have been a very easy task for me has taken several hours. I'm still not done, but I've just had a real breakthrough. The hardest parts of doing this design has been putting what's in my head on the paper, and trying to mould what's in *my* head to fit what seems to be in the *tattoo-ee's* head. I think I've just gotten past that second huge hurdle. I am hopeful that the tattoo artist can take what I've drawn, listen to the tattoo-ee, and shape my mess into the dream that the recipient wants.

The little breakthrough was in realizing that what seemed "natural" to me wasn't what the recipient feels is "natural". I've scrapped my initial design in favor of something more elegant and flowing. I'll still provide the person-canvas with the half-finished initial design, in case the "wilder" look that felt natural to me really is what he wants. I think this more elegant flowy look will win, though. Another hour, perhaps, and I might be done. Whew.
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29 December 2010 @ 01:25 am

I would totally never come home if I had one. I have been lusting and daydreaming for hours and hours. I would never ever have to feel trapped again, never ever have to be shackled to a city. Of course, I'd have to be independently wealthy, to afford gas, food, and vehicle registration. Oh well. I can at least still daydream, right?

Much more realistic is this:


If I save up, I can afford one, and then be much more comfortable/secure when I go off on my own to gods-only-know-where.

If I can ever afford another vehicle, or even the registration costs for another vehicle, maybe I can go hang out with my sister and start welding up some camper-like mods for my Jeep. I have ideas. Maybe some day.
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29 December 2010 @ 12:35 am
A belated update:

CattyWhompus has been vetted, and goes in for the rest of her vaccinations next weekend. She's been dewormed, thank the gods, and is now healthy. She is FIV and FLV negative, so she is allowed to interact with Que-mark, which, for the most part, she doesn't. Sometimes she growls and hisses when Que comes into the front part of the Shoebox, but so far, there's only been one Incident. I am sure that there are plenty more to come. Mostly, Que stays in the bedroom area, and quite happily. She didn't frequent the front part of the Shoebox before the arrival of the Whomps, and that simply hasn't changed. I do keep the back part of the Shoebox closed off when I'm not home, but I have it on good authority that, even when it's open, Que just doesn't come out much when I'm gone.

Though things aren't tense between the two right now, I don't believe that there will ever be peace - at best, it'll be a kitty cold war. It might be best if the Whomps could go to a home where she'd be the only cat. She's got a home with me for as long as she needs, but if you or someone you know would love to have a happy, healthy Catty, let me know. She's almost exclusively indoors now. She hasn't asked to go out front in a long while, now, and she asks to go out on the balcony once or twice a day. She's estimated to be about four-ish years old. She has "smoke" fur - all of her fur is white close to her body and colored at the tips. The tips of the fur is almost all black. From a distance, she looks like a generic black cat with some brownish areas at her chest and belly. You can see indications of tabby markings on her tail and elsewhere if you pay attention. She's come a LONG way on sociability. Originally, she acted crazed and feral if she came inside and I shut the door. She bordered on vicious a couple of times, she was so terrified. Now, she wants to be in almost all the time, lays on laps, plays, and occasionally enjoys being held. If she doesn't want to be petted, she gives notice before swatting or chomping, and if you simply don't pull your hand away, her swats and chomps are pretty gentle. She only draws blood if you jerk your hand away and a claw accidentally gets caught on you; even when she DOES bite, it's very clearly an "I *could* bite you, see? But I'm not!" sort of chomp. I should have called her CattyChompus :P Sometimes I keep petting even after I've gotten a chomp, and then I get more chomps, and then some chewy-gnaws, maybe with a growl thrown in for good measure, but never does she cause damage. It's all for show. She's really got an awesome personality, and I'm coming to like her a great deal. If only there could be peace.... Sigh.
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